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Global Web Plaza Content Management System (CMS)

Global Web Plaza web solutions are built on the Global Web Plaza Content Management System (CMS). The award-winning platform delivers a series of marketing tools and inbuilt editors to manage the design, development and delivery of your new website. There are a range of additional modules including shopping carts, e-commerce gateways, client portals and online courses.
The video below gives you an overview of the interface and features of Global Web Plaza Powerhouse CMS.

For more information on the Powerhouse CMS or to request a free trial please contact Global Web Plaza.

Global Web Plaza Dashboard

The Global Web Plaza Dashboard is your Administration Home Page with shortcuts to manage your website. The left hand menu is always visible and the dashboard also features inbuilt training videos with voiceover to guide you through the range of functions on the portal.  

Web Content Editor
The Web Content Editor enables you to easily create new pages in your website. When creating new pages you can apply a template design and start authoring immediately. There is the option to add key terms (metadata) to each page to optimize site visibility in search engines. The Web Content Editor automatically adds or removes pages from your site menu

Menu Editor

The Menu Editor gives you control over the sitemap and menus on your site. You can select the Main Menu, the Left Menu and the Sitemap and add or remove pages from each area.
The Menu Editor also allows you to dynamically change the words on your website menu.

Page Editor

The Page Editor features a simple and extensive WSIWG application. Text is imported from a word processor or typed directly into the page. You can add text, images, headings, tagged documents, and even Flash videos directly into your content pages using basic word processing skills. There are also tabs to add metadata and page descriptions to increase site visibility.

Metadata Editor

The Metadata Editor appears as a tab on every page of the website. The metadata entry is simple as metadata keywords are typed directly into the meta box. The meta description is also a simple data-entry field.
The Editor simplifies the addition of metadata to improve the visibility of each page to search engines which will automatically index the pages

News Editor
The News Editor enables you to publish news instantly to your Home Page. Text can be imported from a word processor or typed directly into the inbuilt editor and published. News stories with a publish status are shown immediately while the draft status allows for the stories to be approved by another senior editor.

Event Editor

The Event Editor appears on your Home Page as an event listing with images and event details. The Event Editor allows you to create a new event, add details, add a Google Map of the location and add a description and time details. To add an image simply browse and upload your picture and the event is published.

Slideshow Editor

The slideshow appears on your Home Page as a gallery of images and the Slideshow Editor allows you to change these images. Your editor can upload multiple images into the Slideshow and publish these to your Home Page.
The upload features resize and crop tools to edit the images to be uploaded.

Gallery Editor

The Gallery Editor displays a list of all of the image albums that currently appear on your site. On the left of the screen are the titles of the albums and the thumbnail that will appear on the Image Gallery page to represent each album. On the right of the screen are the details of when the album was created, editor name and when the album was last modified. On the right are a set of icons that allow you to add a photo to an album, edit an album and delete an album.

Site Settings
The site settings include Google integration, email details and address settings. The Google integration includes Google Map API which provides the option to display all addresses in your site as a Google map.
Your site is established with a Google Analytics account that monitors and reports on site traffic and shows trends, search engine information, key terms. There is the option to integrate Google Search into your site.

Member Database Manager

The Member Database Manager is a key module to optimise your website into a powerful marketing tool by leveraging your member database.   
The functions include the ability to export the member database as an Excel file, import members to your database, send messages and attachments to your database members using inbuilt marketing tools and much more.

My Profile

The My Profile portal page is established for Site Administrator to maintain details of the site Editor including the Editor In Chief.
The My Profile web form stores key details in the database and allows the administrator to manage account details (username and passwords) for all site editors.

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